pay per job
The Future of Lead Generation
Our pay per job solutions means that you can now advertise with a 100% guaranteed return on investment. Respond to leads for free and only pay a fee when you have been paid by the customer.
  • A post pay platform without any contracts to lock you. Simply sign up your details with a £1 card activation fee and then pay as you go.
  • 24/7 support with free advice on getting the most from the lead generation service
  • Leads are assigned in Realtime via email and SMS. Your own private portal with a simple job completion button.
  • InfoBest create a free profile for your business on with many call out features and image galleries to sell your brand.
  • We can import your reviews from multiple third party platforms including Google, Facebook and Trustpilot.
  • You are given your own contact form on your profile page so that a customer can request your services only.

Register For Free

Input your company details and services offered, and a team member will create your profile on for free. An introductory email will be sent out with details on the fees per job, including a more detailed process and access to our lead portal. A small fee of £1 is required to authenticate your card details. 

Lead Portal

An account will be created for you in our simple to use lead portal, which keeps us both in sync for each lead that you respond to for free. A simple credit system with post or pre pay options. Leads are delivered by email and SMS alerts.

Complete Jobs

When you take payment for a job (first payment or deposit), you simply mark the job as completed and we will deduct the agreed upon amounts from your account and send the customer an eGift voucher. A cost effective marketing platform that is a win for all three parties.

Use the filters to narrow down prices and export via pdf for your reference
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Accepting application from reputable companies
Sign Up Today
An easy process, designed for any service provider
Step by Step

If you run a reputable company, you are welcome to apply today. Our onboarding process is simple with each campaign setup for the services you provide and areas that you cover. Powered by InfoBest Ltd, we have listened to our clients concerns such as paying for poor leads, competitors clicking on your PPC adverts, and wasting money on advertising via “Top” online directories. Our solution is to deliver you the best leads for free, and when you get paid by the customer, you pay us an affordable fee that provides a great return on investment. Risk free advertising is finally here.

Profile Page

Free Profile Page on
A beta profile will be built for your company. Images, content, third party reviews and call out features will be scraped from the web. Our editors will reach out to you for approval or further edits. As part of your company profile, a unique contact form is included so that potential customers can invite your company to quote. Building third party reviews on platforms such as Google Maps, Facebook and Trustpilot is highly advised to help improve enquiries.

Credit System

A post pay system based on credits used.
All jobs completed on the lead sharing platform are paid in credits (£1 = 1 credit ex VAT). You can use the search table above to find prices by service and area. The credits are deducted each time you take first payment or a deposit against works booked through our platform.<br /> We require authentication of your card details before commencing with the pay per job campaign. A small fee of £1 will be taken to authenticate the payment details. Billing is applied when you have used 150+ credits or on the 1st of each month based on the previous months usage.

Lead Sharing Platform

A simple list style, with one tick box completion
Once we have verified your details and built a profile page, login details will be sent out to you by email for our lead sharing platform at All leads will be delivered under the lead type "Myexpert" and completed jobs will be moved to the "Purchased Lead" section for your reference.

The Lead Journey

How InfoBest captures leads
Our marketing team targets users who are at the buying stage on multiple search engines and encourages repeat users through eGift voucher incentives. The leads are funnelled into local landing pages geared towards the service that the potential customer is looking for. The potential customer can request a quote from multiple local parties or choose to invite companies to quote individually. Depending on the chosen method, a lead is sent as a ticket to our 24/7 lead distribution platform. Each lead is matched to up to 4 local experts, or individual companies if requested by the enquirer. When a lead is distributed to your company, an email alert will be sent to your account email address and via SMS if you have given a mobile number. If we have more than four companies applicable for the quote, an algorithm is used to distribute the lead based on locality and previous lead success rate. When you have taken first payment for a lead, simply check the correct lead row and select the job completed button. Your client will then be sent an eGift voucher, with the amount based on the service provided by your company. The value of the eGift voucher is subject to change if the service the client requested differs from that provided. It is important that you mark the job as completed as soon as first payment or a deposit against works has been made. Keeping the client waiting for the eGift voucher will nullify the experience of the client when using this platform and deter repeat users whom keeps the cost per job low.

Policy and Agreed Standards

Important information
This platform will give you a risk-free and cost-effective platform to advertise from. The advertising costs involved for InfoBest are extremely high and as such, the risks we are taking as a company in offering free leads is greater than pay per lead platforms. We operate on a one strike policy for any company who tries to circumnavigate the process by offering the potential customer a different incentive to forgo that offered from our platform. InfoBest has repeat users who will report a professional for these actions. The customer is also offered extra incentives to report a company who partakes in this practice. By joining us at InfoBest, we want to become part of your team, an additional branch of your company and offer something that you will not find anywhere else. We look forward to building a strong partnership for many years. We do not employ sales staff and are our operations are run mainly by marketing experts.